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As mentioned earlier, we, as the organizing committee, are really busy making sure there will be a Ringvaart Regatta this year and especially under safe conditions. One of the options we were looking at was the possibility of taking another route than normal.
After lots of research and deliberation we have decided to go with this option, therefore the start and the finish will both be in Leiden this year.

We have taken this decision for several reasons, but the main reason was that with this new route we are staying away from the junction in Leidschendam. We know that every year there are lots of rowers, volunteers, crowd and traffic at this point. With this knowledge we just cannot safeguard the social distancing of 1,5meters and therefore cannot safeguard the safety of our rowers and public.

As organisation it is our goal to make sure the Ringvaart Regatta can continue and by taking this decision the chances of this are considerably increased. We do realise that for some participants this will be a disappointment, but we hope for your understanding for this decision. We hope to be able to organise a normal Ringvaart Regatta next year.

The new route of the Regatta will be just as long as the old one and can be found on the website

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